NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield


What It Does

Introducing the ultimate accessory in lash glamour.

The new patent pending NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield will dramatically improve your beauty routine today, and for good! Get ready to be amazed and relieved at the same time.

Thanks to the cleverly designed NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield, getting the lashes that you've always wanted is easier than ever! Some dream of long lashes, and others crave lashes with volume, color, curl, darkening, definition, and lift... with this ingenious tool, you can have it all!


We have all been there.

The last step of your daily makeup routine is to apply mascara. Suddenly, a measly mascara smudge destroys the fate of your flawless makeup. Ahhh! Mascara is the most difficult material to remove from the skin (or at least it feels that way!), not to mention all of the makeup that comes off when you manage to remove the smudges. The good news is that, with NOSMUDGEE®, that is not likely to happen again. HALLELUJAH!


Bye-Bye messy smudges and excess powder.

Thanks to NOSMUDGEE®, you can now apply as much mascara as you want without the risk of touching the mascara wand to your eyelids. NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield will ensure a quicker application without the risk of touching your eyelids with the mascara wand or leaving dark, messy smudges. Avoid the hassle of reapplying primer, eye shadow, and concealer by adding this clever beauty tool to your daily routine!

Simply hold the NOSMUDGEE® vertically, horizontally, or diagonally behind your lashes and apply away for a flawless finish every time. TheNOSMUDGEE® can also be used while applying mascara to the lower lashes.

NOSMUDGEE® can be held comfortably behind the lashes on either eye without ever switching hands. It’s that simple. If needed, you can even apply mascara without the use of a mirror... WOW! Stop lashing out over smears and smudges and apply your mascara smudge-free with the NOSMUDGEE®... every time!

The NOSMUDGEE® can also be used as a shadow shield! Just hold the NOSMUDGEE® under your lower lashes as you apply eye shadow to shield your face from excess powder.


Cheerio passé eyelash curler.

There's more to NOSMUDGEE® than smudge-free apps! Not only can NOSMUDGEE® instantly create gorgeous lashes without the smudges, you may no longer need to curl your eyelashes using an old-fashioned, gotti-looking eyelash curler that has been around for ages. Let NOSMUDGEE® give your lashes a lift. After applying mascara, simply hold your coated lashes against the NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield with the mascara brush to achieve the desired effect.


Sayonara fake lashes.

This awesome tool can even help you avoid spending outrageous amounts of time and money applying uncomfortable, annoying, and sometimes dangerous fake lashes! The NOSMUDGEE® can help make your o'naturale eyelashes voluptuous and sexy -and without using fake lashes- because NOSMUDGEE® gives you super plump and thick eyelashes... when you want that look!


Great news for sexy seniors and contact wearers.


For some people, like senior citizens, NOSMUDGEE® compensates for actual physical limitations when applying mascara. Now even those with impaired vision or limited dexterity can easily achieve fabulous lashes using NOSMUDGEE®. If you have shaky hands, no worries-NOSMUDGEE® is perfect for you! It's also great for contact lens wearers.


Celeb-worthy lashes for the masses.


Thanks to NOSMUDGEE®, you can now have celeb-worthy professional makeup artist lashes in a flash! One NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield will last up to 30 mascara applications before you need to replace it. After using NOSMUDGEE®, wipe any excess mascara off the shield with a tissue and reuse it again.


The NOSMUDGEE® Mascara Shield is small enough to keep in your makeup bag and inexpensive enough that you'll never have to go without. Keep one in your makeup bag, your purse, and your car and never have a mascara smudge again. You'll fall in love with your lashes and your NOSMUDGEE®.




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