NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield




Wow! Why didn't anyone think of this sooner... the NOSMUDGEE is exactly what I've needed all of my life! Mornings are hectic & I'm always so wound up rushing around trying to get to work on time, that often I can't settle down long enough to steady my hands enough to keep my mascara from ending up in a frustrating mess. Now I keep a NOSMUDGEE on my vanity, in my purse, and one right on my desk. Problem solved!

Kaye M. - Wintersville, OH

I used to have trouble before with mascara after applying would get all over my eyelids and I'd have to re-do my make up over again. After using nosmudgee I'm able to apply my eyeshadow first then mascara without a hassle. My favorite part about nosmudgee is how easy and efficient it is to use! My eyelashes never looked so great! I highly recommend if you are wanting to achieve thick beautiful lashes without the mess.

Amiti B. - Minneapolis MN

I LOVE MY NOSMUDGEE! Awesome... it works great. People can't believe that the fabulous lashes they're seeing are my natural lashes built up with mascara, and that I'm not wearing fakes : )

Alison T. - Naples, FL

Unlike traditional eyelash curlers which pull out my eyelashes, the NOSMUDGEE allows me to curl my lashes as I apply my mascara. I just use the mascara wand to hold my eyelashes up against the card for about 20 seconds.

Stacia M. - Steubenville, OH

I'm so excited about my little NOSMUDGEE helper! Genius! I can't wait to give these as little gifts to all of my friends : )

Kera W. - Weirton, WV

This is a go-to product for any girl that uses mascara! Applying mascara has never been easier with this handy little tool...all you do is pop it out and hold it up, then 'wahlah!' it adds volume and length to your lashes-- at the same time protecting your eyelid from smudges!

Averie B. - Galion, OH

The NoSmudgee is perfect if you are in a rush because you can quickly do mascara without taking extra time to avoid smudges on your eyelid. Now that I've tried it I can't imagine my makeup routine without it!

Ashley B. - Los Angeles, CA

This is so cool. I like to really play up my lashes before going out with my friends. I'm using my NOSMUDGEE before happy hour tonight : ) I love it, by the way...

Morgen S. - Columbus, OH

This is exactly what my mom needs! She's been complaining that she can no longer see her eyelashes well enough to apply her mascara. I can't wait to tell her about the NOSMUDGEE.

Johanna S. - Huntington, NY



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